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Welcome. My name is Moira Elsley. Come in and have a look around my virtual gallery and listen to 'Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme' by Paganini, which is the introduction piece to the music from the film,  "Somewhere in Time".

I hope that you like my new website as much as I do. Nathan Colquhoun is the web design wizard of Storyboard Solutions and his work is so professionally presented here. Be sure to visit  Storyboard Solutions to see other excellent website designs and contact Nathan to create a professional website for you.
A Little About Me...

My name is Moira Elsley and I am an member artist in the Manitoulin Fine Arts Association on Manitoulin Island. My preferred medium is watercolour, portraits in particular, although I also work in acrylic, oil  and mixed media. I undertake commissioned  paintings from approved photographs, and produce prints, cards and notepaper, which are available for sale.

My artistic journey began in 1992 in a  workshop with fine artist Joe Fettingis. Since then, my painterly interests have grown to include landscape, waterscape, still life, flora, fauna and abstract. I have also taken workshops with fine artists Art Cunanan, Jack Reid, Gordon McKenzie and Linda Finn and recently, DVD workshops with fine artist Ann Pember. When in Florida, I have been painting with a small group of artists, mentored by fine artist, Margrete Hause Barnes. There are also many art books and publications in my reference library.

Having always been drawn to light, emotion and detail, the spontaneity, luminosity and challenge of watercolours draws me and the realistic portrait is one of the primary focuses of my work in watercolours. I am often struck by the way light travels across the water, or the natural design of a tangle of weeds through the cedar swamp, or sun shining through the tall cedars, poplars, maples and oaks in my surroundings.

"Somewhere in Time" is my favourite movie, thus the reason that I chose Paganini's Theme by Rachmaninoff as the background music for my Gallery. I hope you find this enjoyable as you wander through and that you like my paintings too.