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Welcome. My name is Moira Elsley. Come in and have a look around my virtual gallery and listen to 'Rachmaninoff's Rhapsody on a Theme' by Paganini, which is the introduction piece to the music from the film,  "Somewhere in Time".

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Lake Manitou Ice

Lake Manitou Ice.jpg

Pressure ridges are not uncommon when Lake Manitou freezes and the ice becomes quite thick over the winter. With the arrival of Spring, the winds arise and and slightly milder temperatures begin to change the lake ice. Spring, 2008, saw high winds, which caused the pressure ridges to crack and a strong East wind,  pushed tthe ice high and deep on the western shoreline in front of our cottage. This photograph shows one example. Note the green/blue colour, which is proof that the ice was good and solid. All rights reserved.